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Work Directly With Dr. Michael Barta, The Creator of the TINSA Model and Author of The Revolutionary Book TINSA, Trauma Induced Sexual Addiction, In His 5-Day Men's Intensive

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5-Days Direct Care with Dr. Michael Barta

Neuroscientific Treatment For Sex Addictions and Problematic Sexual Behaviors


Dr. Barta began running intensives for sex and pornography addictions in 2008.

And now he offers the unique opportunity to work directly with him in his 5-days Men’s Intensive. Dr. Barta is the creator and author of TINSA (Trauma Induced Sexual Addiction). He is the only facilitator of your intensive to guarantee excellent quality therapeutic work directly with each member of the intensive using his newest neuroscientific Reconnection™ Model. 

Dr. Michael Barta

Who are the clients who can benefit most from Dr. Barta's intensive?

Serving clients who:

  • … are in a committed relationship and want to heal and restore their marriage or relationship
  • ... want to work on the direct cause of their sexually compulsive behaviors
  • … have recently had their secret sexual behaviors discovered
  • ... need to achieve lasting sobriety – Stop relapses
  • … restore their current relationship due to infidelity
  • … want to understand the why of their behaviors
  • … receive deeper healing than what a traditional treatment program offers
  • … recognize the risk of returning to their old behaviors
  • … find traditional methods of treatment ineffective
  • ... are sick and tired of their inability to stop their behaviors
  • … need highly effective treatment within a limited amount of time

Healing the Core Drivers of Addictive Thinking and Behaviors
5-Day Men's Intensive with Dr. Michael Barta personally guiding your healing

Dr. Barta created his 5-Day Men's Intensive to find and heal the underlying conditions that promote your sexually compulsive behaviors. He keeps his intensives small, taking only 8 men per month, to provide individualized care to each client.

Each Intensive is in-person and led only by Dr. Barta at his treatment facility in beautiful Colorado.

Dr. Barta explains in layman’s terms how the brain and autonomic system of the body adapt for safety as a response to past events that were painful.

Understanding the basics of how the brain and body work in tandem in response to developmental experiences that were less than nurturing is an effective way to heal the compensatory survival strategies that hold you hostage. Your developed behaviors stem from an inability to trust, and authentically connect with others.

Included in the 5-Day Men's Intensive

  • Accommodations and treatment within the same location
  • Direct work with Dr. Barta and his newest research based neuroscientific Reconnection™ Model
  • State of the art assessments to provide an accurate view of your current mental health and addictive behavioral issues
  • Seamless transition from and return to your current therapist or Treatment Facility
  • Identifying and healing the real drivers of your addiction and offers a plan to practice and develop healthy connection and interaction.
  • Helps you understand and heal the damage to your partner, marriage, and family
  • Provides complete discharge planing that is easily integrated into current or future providers for continued support in your healing and recovery.
  • Direct trauma treatment using the Brainspotting Trauma Protocol


  • Work directly with Dr. Barta, a nationally known and trusted expert in sexually disruptive behaviors and who has been providing intensives since 2008
  • Limit the time you need to be away from your family and work
  • Provide the lowest cost research-based treatment option available that is fully facilitated by a nationally known expert
  • Heal with Dr. Barta’s newest cutting edge neuroscientific model that works directly with your brain and autonomic nervous system to heal the core of your behavior
  • Experience deep healing and authentic bonding
  • Find, restore, and live authentically

What makes Dr. Barta's Treatment Different?

Old models of treatment (still primarily used today) will provide education on addiction, have clients do a couple groups per day and never really discover or discuss the primary reasons your addiction has occurred. Unfortunately, a majority of people’s time is spent in down time with no therapeutic facilitation. Dr. Barta's intensive provides therapeutic care 8 hours of face-to-face per day for 5 days. While the older models still focus on managing external behavioral techniques, Dr. Barta’s treatment focuses on healing the causes of the behaviors, so you are free to stop destructive sexual behaviors

What is Neurobiological Treatment?

Healing From the Inside Out

Sex addictions, pornography addictions, on-line social hook-ups, multiple infidelities, and compulsive sexual behaviors are rooted in trauma that can be effectively healed for good, allowing you to reclaim the authentic person you were born to be.

In 2014 Dr. Barta became the first person to actually use a fully neurobiological model to treat sex and pornography addictions in the treatment setting. He has expanded to include treatment for Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder (CSBD) a newly added diagnosis by the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) that is now recognized as a diagnosable medical and mental health issue.

Neurobiology focuses on healing the core brain and body systems instead of relying on external behavioral control as a means to keep the problematic sexual behavior contained. Barta’s expertise has shown that unless you heal the source, the addiction or compulsion will continue to come back either in the same behaviors or transfer to other destructive behaviors. Dr. Barta’s treatment returns you to a healthy state of functioning, allows you to reclaim your authentic self, and heal the damage to your relationships so you can finally have the ability to foster a deeply connected intimacy with the ones you love.

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*Note, Dr. Barta is unable to treat sexual offenders.

"This intensive has changed my life"

This intensive was eye opening and very personal. Dr. Barta’s expertise was amazing, he was thoughtful, caring and has a great sense of humor. This intensive was very therapeutic. I would recommend this intensive for anyone serious about change and change their life for the better. This intensive has changed my life. 

  • WB - Utah

"I found the entire week very rewarding"

This was an outstanding intensive experience. I felt better each day as we progressed through the work. It was mentally exhausting, but like having a great workout, at the end it was so satisfying. I found the entire week very rewarding.

  • KD - Louisiana

"I have found genuine hope"

I was suspicious that the intensive offered too much, but in reality, I learned more than I expected. I have found genuine hope. I now know and understand what caused my sexual behaviors, and I know it will take a lot of work to recover. I now know I can have a healthy existence from applying what I learned in the intensive. 

  • SC - United Kingdom