What Dr. Barta's Clients are Saying about the 5-Day Intensives

"I now have clear direction to focus my recovery"

Even though I have been in recovery for over 6 months, I have achieved an amazing breakthrough by coming to understand the underlying causes of my sex addiction. I now have a clear direction to focus my recovery, in addition to the lifelong friends I made while in the intensive. 

  • MB - Texas

"Far exceeded ...expectations"

This intensive far exceeded my expectations. I expected to learn, but this intensive changed the way I think. Thank you again for the week. I didn't expect to feel so changed since I quit believing in religious experiences, but I really do think I am a different person than when I came. I know living it out is the challenge but what a "leg up" you have given me. You should feel that there is great meaning in the work you did this week.

  • CH - Arizona

"I have found genuine hope"

I was suspicious that the intensive offered too much, but in reality, I learned more than I expected. I have found genuine hope. I now know and understand what caused my sexual behaviors, and I know it will take a lot of work to recover. I now know I can have a healthy existence from applying what I learned in the intensive.

  • SC - United Kingdom

"I will be able to stop acting out"

Dr. Barta knows how to demonstrate connection, both personally and emotionally. I am leaving this intensive knowing I am not the bad person I believed I was before coming. I believe like never before that I will be able to stop acting out, which comes as a benefit of finding my authenticity during this work.

  • TJ - Texas

"I cannot thank him enough"

My week attending Dr. Barta’s 5-Day intensive gave me what I needed for a full recovery from my sex addiction. I am grateful for the insight, compassion, and wisdom Dr. Barta has shown me, I cannot thank him enough.

  • CT - Indiana

"I now understand"

After this intensive, I feel I now understand the trauma that shaped my outlook on life and started my sexually compulsive behaviors. It provided me the time and space to focus on the cause and connect with the other men. I now understand how deeply I have wounded my wife and know how to start helping her heal. 

  • JD - Texas

"I no longer feel isolated and alone"

I was acting out to stop the pain from my early experiences that I didn’t even know I had. In just 5-Days I have been able to identify my traumas, honestly see it led me to do destructive and self-sabotaging behaviors, and start to change how I manage my pain in healthy ways. Dr. Barta saved my marriage and more importantly, my life. I no longer feel isolated and alone. I finally feel validated and accepted. 

  • JL - Colorado

"Enabled me to find and return to my authentic self and finally heal"

After spending six years in recovery and having 9-years of sobriety, I thought I had beaten sex addiction. Unfortunately, I stopped my recovery work and had a major relapse. But, through Dr. Barta’s intensive I learned that all the past “behavioral” therapy I did never addressed the root cause of my addiction and therefore left the cause still in place. In this intensive I learned that I had to heal the small child within that had been hurt with nowhere to turn. This intensive has enabled me to find and return to my authentic self and finally heal. 

  • PH - Texas

"Dr. Barta's work cuts through theory"

Dr. Barta’s work cuts through theory and gets down to why I was hurtful to others, and where these hurtful behaviors and my sex addiction came from. I now know who I truly am now and have the ability to manage my own brain and autonomic nervous system in healthy ways. 

  • BA - Colorado

"Dr. Barta is a master of this work"

Dr. Barta is a master of this work. He addresses both the root and symptoms of sexually destructive behaviors. He helped me address my underlying trauma and I made much more progress that I expected. He has compassion, a firm disposition that makes working with him both safe yet challenging. It was a privilege to participate in this intensive with Dr. Barta

  • CF - Washington

"Felt true connection"

I discovered my authentic self and came to terms with the trauma I have faced my entire life. Dr. Barta helped me realize I am fundamentally a good person, even though my early experiences taught me otherwise. I felt true connection during this Intensive and felt valued for once. I definitely recommend for those struggling with their sexual behaviors. 

  • SB - Pennsylvania

"Provides a foundation for the future by healing the past"

Dr. Barta is exactly what I needed on my path of recovery for sexual addiction. Dr. Barta challenges the group to be vulnerable and authentic and stay in their emotions. The work I did this week will be helpful in me finally finding success in life. Dr. Barta’s sense of humor, compassion and decades of experience provides a foundation for the future by healing the past.

  • J.G. - New Jersey

"I feel like a huge weight has been removed"

This was an amazing week! I learned so much about myself, and I feel like a huge weight has been removed from my life. There is still so much to do, but Dr. Barta has helped me lay a strong foundation that I can build upon. Thank you, Dr. Barta for your sincere care and help.

  • MC - Texas

"This intensive has changed my life"

This intensive was eye opening and very personal. Dr. Barta’s expertise was amazing, he was thoughtful, caring and has a great sense of humor. This intensive was very therapeutic. I would recommend this intensive for anyone serious about change and change their life for the better. This intensive has changed my life. 

  • WB - Utah

"I found the entire week very rewarding"

This was an outstanding intensive experience. I felt better each day as we progressed through the work. It was mentally exhausting, but like having a great workout, at the end it was so satisfying. I found the entire week very rewarding.

  • KD - Louisiana

"I have regained a sense of self-worth"

Before coming to this intensive I had no sense of self-worth because of my early experiences and because of my sexual behaviors. This week has changed all of that. Now that I am leaving, I don’t recall ever having a sense of worth. I knew I had trauma, but I never really understood how much it affected me. During this intensive I found an understanding about my trauma, have begun to heal from what it’s done, and I have regained a sense of self-worth. 

  • JG - California

"An unbelievable experience"

This week was an unbelievable experience! There is no better way to find your true self than to spend a week with Dr. Barta.

  • WD - Virginia

"I was able to experience my true self"

I came in feeling hopeless about long-term recovery. I felt incapable and inadequate. After Dr. Barta explained how my brain and autonomic nervous system were changed by traumas I feel as though a huge burden has been removed. I now have true compassion for myself and have the ability to have empathy for my wife. I was able to experience my true self. I know that if I apply what I have learned this week I will finally be free of my sexual behaviors and live with authenticity. 

  • PM - Ohio

"Allowed me to see past my behaviors"

I never felt judged for one second in this intensive, even though I was carrying tremendous shame. Dr. Barta helped break up the tension I felt with well-timed humor that allowed me to see past my behaviors. He knows when to break the tension or allow the clients to sit in their feelings. His passion for neuroscience and people helped me connect my spirituality to my biology. 

  • LH - Oklahoma

"I can now live with more honesty and authenticity"

Dr. Barta’s intensive helped me find compassion for the traumas I experienced while I was young. I can now see the direct link between my unwanted addictive behavior and the pain I experienced in my early life. I know I can now live with more honesty and authenticity.

  • MW - Utah

"This intensive is awesome"

This intensive is awesome! It has everything; a great education concerning how trauma affected me, and why I do what I do. There was plenty of time for sharing my truth, and a chance for me to finally be vulnerable. I finally got my trauma down on paper and saw how it changed the way I behave, giving me a real chance to heal from my sex addiction. 

  • TW - Oregon

"Finally, a breakthrough"

Finally, a breakthrough! After years of attempting recovery, I found a model that not only identified my wounding, but it also married traditional recovery tools with neuroscience to give me a path to wholeness. This is the first time I really think I have changed.

  • GL - Texas

"I now have  hope"

I realized the cause of my addiction had to be addressed before I could find real recovery. After this week, I now know I am a good person and I always have been even though my early experiences have caused me to hurt many people. I realize now I have to take responsibility for what I have done, but what I have done is not the real me. I now have hope and a group of men that will be true friends and support me for the rest of my life. Thank you Dr. Barta for all your help and your insight. 

  • FR - Texas

"Renewed hope and a true feeling of self-worth"

I was afraid coming here and never knew if I could get better. But this week has given me renewed hope and a true feeling of self-worth.

  • JM - Minnesota

About TINSA®

"Explained WHY"

After finishing this book I could understand my husband’s sex addiction from a different point of view. The book explained WHY my husband does what he does. I have taken the lying and cheating so personally, the author explains that it is not me, hallelujah! I am still angry and confused, but now it feels like there might be hope.

  • Ann Buckley - Amazon Review

"Accessible and hopeful"

This book is a valuable resource for partners and recovering addicts alike. Dr. Barta succeeds at breaking down a complex issue in a clear, informative, accessible, and hopeful manner. It is a book I will refer clients to for a long time to come.

  • Jill Manning, PhD - Amazon Review

"A man that truly understands"

I love the public acknowledgment that Michael had hit bottom and is in recovery. It might just be me, but I want someone that has “been there” helping me through. This book is written by a man that truly understands addiction from the inside out.

  • Morgan Nickerson - Amazon Review

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